Aqua Care is one of the best supplier drinking RO water filter and water purifier system in Dubai UAE.

RO water purifier through a deep cleansing process.

Contaminants are filtered out leaving clean drinking water.

  • Uses a membrane and series of filters
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants
  • Install under the sink and wall mounted or main water line

Our Best Selling RO Water Purifiers

The Water Of Reverse Osmosis systems are use for Drinking and cooking





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Aqua Care offers a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems for your residential, home, your office or even your factor or labor camps. When looking for your next filtration or water purifier system, come to Aqua Care for expert advice, service and UAE-wide network of our branches.




kent ro water filter     

  Think Purity

  Think KENT

Being one of the most trusted brand in India, KENT offers a large
variety of healthcare products such as kent water purifiers ,air purifiers
,cooking appliances and vacuum cleaners .

Drink Pure, Breathe Pure, Eat Pure





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    KENT EXCELL PLUS                        KENT GRAND PLUS                      KENT STERLING PLUS                    KENT PEARL


Most selling RO Drinking water filter  in the region of UAE, KENT Excel Plus , KENT Sterling Plus, KENT Grand Plus and KENT Pearl  Under the counter  and counter top advanced RO water Purifier with Hydro-static Tank. Multi Purification  by RO+UV+UF and TDS Controller makes the water 100% Pure. Remove silt, salt, sand and other dust particles and  kill the bacteria and viruses from water. Retains essential Natural mineral in Purified water. Filter change and UV Fail alarm for the safety of the water filter system.


If You are looking for an water filter expert in Dubai, UAE , Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain  , Ajman , Sharjah of water filter Solution.  Aqua Care is the right place for you. Aqua Care provide high quality of RO Water Filters and RO Water purifiers for domestic houses, offices, restaurants and labor camps.

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