RO Chlorine Removal Shower Chrome Filter

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Aqua RO Chlorine Removal Shower Chrome Filter

The cobalt blue Ro Shower filter shower could be a sturdy and handsome shower filter. Shower filters delivers refined element free water and water filters clinically bound to create hair a lot of healthy, skin softer and electric sander. cobalt blue Ro element removal shower head filter to get rid of element kind water. cobalt blue Ro water apparatus filters square measure best water purification method to get rid of the element, harmful unwanted metal that harmful for your body and skin. cobalt blue Ro shower filters delivers refined element free water and water filters clinically bound to create hair a lot of healthy, skin softer and smoother; The cobalt blue Ro filter is on the market in high polished chrome for elegant and wealthy look.


  • Easy Installation.
  • Ultra-High chrome plated Strength Solid Brass design
  • Adjustable Filter Cartridge, Unscrew in half for easy cartridge replacement
  • High flow output with raising the efficiency.Efficiently reduces chlorine, dirt, rust, sediment, bad taste and door.
  • Processing and Material manufactured under compliance with NSF & FDA requirements.
  • Aqua RO filter water purification process Effective filtration Media removes up-to 98.9% Of Chlorine
  • Stop Hair fall due to salted hard water


How do Shower Filters Work?

A shower filter attaches to your shower head to get rid of contaminants from the water it disperses. These filters are individually installed, so you’ll opt to place them in as many or few bathrooms as you need. Shower filters work by acting as a net to catch contaminants before spraying clean water from the shower head.

You can also reduce contaminants from your shower and water by employing a Whole House Filter System to provide you clean, healthy water from every faucet in your home.

Benefits of employing a Shower Filter

Tap water can contain chlorine and artificial chemicals that are harsh on your hair and skin. These substances are related to excessive drying, which damages the skin and causes hair to lose its shine.

Feel the difference with an Aqua Care Shower Filter, which removes 90% of chlorine and other contaminants for stronger hair and softer skin.

What to appear for When Choosing the most effective Shower Filter

Many shower filters are ineffective because of the utilization of outdated technology that stops water from being filtered efficiently or does a poor job of removing contaminants. Here’s what you wish to grasp when searching for a shower water filter:

Design can even have a sway on performance, so choose a shower filter that uses an up flow system to stop media channeling and clogging. Utilizing an up flow design also increases water contact time with media for superior filtration at an exceptional rate.

Easy Installation/Replacement

Pick a long-lasting filter that’s easy to put in and replace when needed. Avoid plumber fees by choosing a filter that attaches to the skin shower pipe and may get replaced with ease. Aqua Care’s shower filter lasts for 6 months and is straightforward to put in.

Don’t want to stay track of ordering replacement filters? learn the way Aqua Care’s Water for all times auto-delivery program can facilitate your replace filters on time, without worry and at discounted prices.

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