RO 5 Stage- 200 Water Filter

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Aqua RO-200 is special water apparatus with digital computer system and economical designed for residential and industrial functions. Kent five stage artificial language two hundred offer safe, pure water. RO-200 High capability / High Flow booster pump appropriate for food process industries, restaurants, Hotels, producing units, colleges and outlet,

AQUA artificial language -200/5 Stages.
Stage one artificial language two hundred plastic sediment filter —removes mud, particles, and rust. Stage a pair of artificial language two hundred cartages 20’ removes element, organic contaminants, odor, pesticides, and cysts. Stage three artificial language two hundred 20’ Carbon Block Cartridge, removes residual element, extends membrane life. Stage four artificial language two hundred PCS 100gal R.O. Membrane, eliminates up to ninety ~ ninety nine you look after chemicals, metals, bacteria, dissolved solids and viruses. Stage five C Filter removes any residual impurities from the tank

BENEFITS artificial language (REVERSE OSMOSIS) five SYSTEM
Aqua artificial language reverse diffusion system adding to your softener, you’re providing your family the clean and pure drinkable doable. Reverse diffusion removes sizable amount of impurities that square measure ordinarily in standard H2O creating your pure drinkable style improved. blueness artificial language five Stage reverse diffusion system is assured you’re providing your family clean, refined water that’s therefore essential to their health.

• five stage artificial language System with pump • Filter Cartridge: • Working: Automatic • Water Flow: 200GPD • Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz • Pressure Tank: 11G or 20G

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