KENT Excell+
Under the counter advanced Ro with KENT’s proprietary Mineral RO thulium Technology associated an constitutional TDS controller. Best fitted to Dubai kitchens and appropriate for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation installation.

High Storage and Purification capability
KENT Excell+ has seven litres of sublimate water storage capability with a hydraulics vessel. This tank facilitates controlled provide of sublimate water even within the absence of running water and electricity. the capacity of water is 5 gallon.

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Mineral RO TM Technology
KENT’s proprietary Mineral RO TM Technology retains essential natural minerals in sublimate water mistreatment the TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% safe and engaging potable.

Double Purification
The double purification of Ro + UV/UF removes even dissolved impurities like chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, creating the water 100% pure.

World’s fine quality Certifications
This Ro apparatus is tested and licensed for its performance and quality by world’s celebrated laboratories, like the WQA (USA & India) and independent agency (USA).

Smart style
KENT Excell+ includes a versatile style, ideal for contemporary kitchens.