How To Choose Best Water Filter Pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher

One of the very convenient forms of water filters is a water filter pitcher. Generally, it looks like a jug. Thus, it is also widely known as filtering jug. As it is very easy to install and handle as well, it is a very popular choice. I will now further discuss in details how you can purchase a perfect pitcher.

Although, before beginning it, I would like to mention that I have uploaded a detailed review of 7 water filter pitchers. I hope, you will find something suitable in my review section.

Things That You Must Consider Before Buying Your Pitcher

Jug Substance

Usually, pitchers are made of plastics as it has to be light and inexpensive. However, we all know how all plastics are not reliable. As often things made of plastics are really bad for our health. Therefore, the first thing you should check is whether the or not the jug is made of BPA or food-grade plastic. Just to let you know, all the filters in my review are made of BPA plastic. Hence, if you are considering buying any of them you don’t have to worry.

Filter Life

Life span is an important issue, no matter what kind of filter you are buying. As replacements can be costly and full of hassles anyone would want to avoid it. An ideal filter will not require replacements before four to six months. However, few pitchers are excellent in filtering but require replacements within a month or two. My review contains filters of various life spans, take a look and pick something that would suit you.


If you are living alone, this isn’t certainly your concern. However, if you are in a family this is a big issue. You will see, every pitcher has a reservoir and filtering casing section, and filtered water reserving area. Hence, you can assume that there must be water poured into the reservoir. Thus, filters that can only hold 5 or 6 cups of water might create nuisance if you are living in a family. You must go for filters that can hold 8 to 10 cups of water at a time. My review has a special section on capacity and life span. I believe that will help you to know if any of the discussed models fulfill your capacity requirements.

The Comfort Of Using And Cleaning

Although I am mentioning it now, this is something you should consider at the very beginning. Many models are difficult to clean. Honestly, you must avoid them. There are already enough pollutants in water; you don’t need to grow some of them in your pitcher as well. Next is comfort in using. Although most of the pitchers do not require heavy maintenance, some are different. Avoid those. As it is an appliance that serves instant needs, it has to be easy.


As you can see, water pitcher filter requires replacements very frequently, it is better not to invest a large amount of money in the first place. Sometimes, you might find few models which have affordable main filters but expensive replacement casings. Make sure, you are avoiding them. Moreover, I have uploaded a few months ago an article about how much should each category of filter cost, make sure to read that article before buying any of the filters.

Water Pollutants

If you are considering buying a pitcher filter as the only water filter for your house, you must know what your water contains before buying it. Nowadays, many pitchers successfully remove most of the harmful pollutants. On the other hand, there are still pitchers that can only filter basic pollutants. As always, I will suggest you get your water tested before buying a pitcher.


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