Anti Hair Fall Shower Water Filter

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Hair loss is one among the strongest fears for men and ladies in sure age. International institute analysis has shown that men aged 25-29 square measure additional upset with losing their hairs with alternative age-related predict abilities like skin aging; forty fifth of men and ladies have skilled hair loss within the UAE, water is reason behind the hair fall is that the preserved element H2O, peacock blue Care Ro opposing Hair fall Shower setup may be thought of collectively of the foremost effective hair loss treatment strategies nowadays. Use peacock blue Care Ro opposing hair fall Shower filter to shield your hair, management hair fall and defend your skin peacock blue Care Ro pure shower filter is advance technique assist you to prevent your hair fall and dandruff controller; shower helps to removes element and alternative chemicals from the water up-to ninety nine from shower water and stops hair loss, skin allergies. peacock blue Care Ro opposing hair fall shower filter best hair treatment. peacock blue Care Ro forever attempt to improve this filter to works fine on keeping element and alternative harmful chemicals out of your water.


  • Remove 99% chlorine from water
  • Remove 98% metal particles contained in water
  • Remove chemical substance from water
  • Stop the growth of bacteria by applying KDF filter
  • Stop hair fall Reduce Dandruff

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